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Best auto loan rates in Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN


Delta Community CU has best 60-Month auto loan rates in Cincinnati Metro

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Delta Community Credit Union (Delta Community CU) has the lowest rate on a 60-month new car loan out of 134 lenders. Based upon Datatrac's analysis as of September 12th, 2014, they are offering a 60-month rate at 1.75%. For a lower rate and a shorter term, Western Federal Credit Union has a 36-month term at 0.99%. PNC Financial Services Group, the third-largest bank in Cincinnati Metro with $294.5 billion in assets, is offering one of the best rates of any bank on a 60-month new car loan at 2.49%. Commonwealth Bancshares, Incorporated (Commonwealth), with $879.4 million in assets and two branches in Cincinnati Metro, has a 48-month term at 2.24%. More...

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101 Clarence F Warner Dr
Monroe, OH 45050
1  Bank Holding Company

25 Atlantic Ave
Erlanger, KY 41018
1  Credit Union

2850 Turkeyfoot Rd
Crestview Hills, KY 41017
1  Bank Holding Company

7072 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45247
1  Bank Holding Company
1  Credit Union

5050 Kingsley Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45227
1  Bank Holding Company

160 Barnwood Dr
Edgewood, KY 41017
1 80% FINANCINGBank Holding Company
1 80% FINANCINGBank Holding Company

303 Broadway St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
1  Bank Holding Company

3450 Valley Plaza Pkwy
Fort Wright, KY 41017
1  Credit Union

Low, High and Average auto loan rates for Cincinnati Metro

The average auto loan rate in Cincinnati Metro is 3.73% for a 60-month new car loan, 3.62% for a 48-month new car loan and 3.96% for a 72-month new car loan. Rates for this week ranged from a low of 0.99% on a 36-month to a high of 7.49% on a 72-month. Cincinnati Metro auto loan rates dropped last month, down four basis points (100 bps = 1.0%). They have dropped 10 bps since last year.

Cincinnati Metro 60 Mo New Car Loan Rates
12 months ending September 12th, 2014

Biggest Rate Changers in Cincinnati Metro

Overall, the rate change trend remained the same as of Friday, September 12th. Of the 234 rates analyzed by Datatrac in Cincinnati Metro, 5% of all auto loan rates had a modest decrease, 1% had a minor uptick, and 94% had no change over the last week. The 36-month auto loan from Bank of Kentucky Financial Corporation (Bank of Kentucky Finl) decreased by 68 bps this week to 5.09%, which was the biggest drop of any rate. Bank of Kentucky Financial Corporation (Bank of Kentucky Finl) is a mid-sized bank with assets of $1.8 billion and 32 locations. JPMorgan Chase, also a large bank in Cincinnati Metro with $2.1 trillion in assets and 37 branches, had the largest increase on 48-month auto loan rates, up 10 bps from last week to 3.33%.

Cincinnati Metro Rate Changes
Week ending September 12th, 2014

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